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Customer Brexit Information

The situation in terms of Customs obligations for Ferry Operators, Hauliers and Freight Forwarders is now becoming clearer.

Seatruck’s responsibility in a potential new customs environment is to ensure that all UK – EU shipments have the relevant declarations in place. Seatruck cannot make declarations on behalf of its customers but remains totally committed to ensuring the smooth flow of traffic. Seatruck will endeavour to assist customers with the transition as required.

Whilst the Customs Code is largely the same, the actual process differs slightly by Customs jurisdiction.


  • Export and Import Customs Declarations should be made with the relevant agencies, either directly or via a customs agent.
  • Ensure Safety & Security Declarations are made with Irish Revenue for Irish imports and exports (Normally there is a combined Customs and Safety & Security declaration for Irish exports).
  • There is no requirement for Safety & Security Declarations in the United Kingdom on day one, but this is likely to change.
  • Bookings should be created using MySeatruck or ConnectAPI (EDI service) as normal.
  • New MRN (Movement Reference Number) fields in MySeatruck and later in ConnectAPI will be introduced. It is not mandatory to populate these fields (except in the case of UK CTC), but we encourage you to do so before check-in as this will reduce any delays at ports.


UK – ROI Routes

  • No traffic for export to Dublin can be allowed into Liverpool or Heysham without the relevant Irish Customs MRNs (generally Import and Safety & Security).
  • For bookings which have relevant MRNs prepopulated, no visual inspection of MRNs is required. This will reduce the likelihood of any delay.
  • If the numbers have not been prepopulated, they must be made available for visual inspection at check-in.

ROI – UK Routes

  • On day one, there will be no requirement to check UK MRN(s), but Seatruck will amend its Terms & Conditions of Carriage to state that all units travelling to the United Kingdom must have the relevant Customs Declarations completed.
  • Irish Export MRN(s) must either be prepopulated in the booking (via MySeatruck or ConnectAPI), or available for visual inspection at check-in at Dublin.
  • Units travelling under Common Transit Convention (CTC) must have bookings created through MySeatruck with the appropriate Transit MRN(s) populated. No CTC unit (transiting the United Kingdom) can be processed unless this has been done.


  • The relevant agency will issue the appropriate status directly to the haulier. At this point, the unit can either exit the port or proceed to the designated area for inspection.


What is Seatruck's EORI number?

Seatruck's Irish EORI number is IE3647644KH

Seatruck's UK EORI number is GB882496085002

What if my unit is empty?

Empty trailers do not require any Customs or Safety & Security Declarations. If a trailer is carrying empty packaging, there may be a requirement for a CU55 form (for Irish imports). Please clarify this with your Customs agent.

What if I am carrying products of animal origin?

Imports to Ireland require 24hr notice prior to arrival to be given to DAFM. The process for importing feed and food from the EU to the UK won’t change immediately after Brexit.

Are there changes to Warrenpoint-Heysham traffic?

Currently, there are no changes to the shipping process for UK-UK routes.