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New: Dublin Port Traffic Plan

Photographic ID (passport or driving licence) is required to gain access to all Seatruck's terminals.

High visibility clothing must be worn at all times

Abnormal loads

Seatruck Ferries has now become a major specialist in the movement of abnormal loads on the Irish sea. 

Hazardous cargo

Unlike passenger services, Seatruck is able to accomodate most types of hazardous cargo on all routes. Our trained personnel are available to advise on the specific requirements of the IMDG code.

Access freight ferries have steep stairways to and from the accommodation and may not be suitable for all. If in any doubt please ask before booking.

Pets due to long crossing times pets are not permitted on board any of our ferries.

Age minimum age is 12 years and over

Cabins  certain vessels have shared accommodation

Car & Caravans unfortunately we are unable to accommodate requests to ship car & caravans

Livestock  unfortunately we are unable to accomodate livestock

Cargo weights

Cargo weights

Cargo securing

Cargo Securing