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BREXIT Information

At the European Summit on March 21st, additional time was granted with regard to Brexit. If the deal is not passed in Parliament then the ‘no deal’ hard exit may now take place on 12 April rather than 29 March.  There are several other possibilities and the situation is fast moving. 
If this no-deal situation does occur on 12 April, then the summary below provides guidance based on the best information that currently exists for Day 1.  
The summary relates to the Seatruck Ferries routes from Heysham and Liverpool to Dublin. There are not expected to be any new requirements on the Seatruck Route between Heysham and Warrenpoint, as this is a domestic service. This information is intended for guidance only and we strongly encourage that you seek your own advice that is appropriate for your individual business.


• Prior to check-in, you must ensure that Export and Import Customs Declarations have been processed with HMRC & Irish Revenue. This may be done directly or through a customs agent and can be undertaken by you or your customer.  As this is commodity based, more than one declaration may be required per unit.

• It is important that Movement Reference Number(s) (MRN) are available at check-in.

• For Republic of Ireland Imports (Liverpool/Heysham to Dublin), you must also ensure that a Safety & Security declaration has been submitted. This applies to all types of traffic including unaccompanied trailers. Note that in the United Kingdom this requirement for Safety & Security documents has been postponed for 6 months.

• Seatruck Ferries Terms & Conditions of Carriage will be updated to reflect this. The new terms will be sent for electronic signature in due course.

• For any products of animal origin, there are additional requirements, see useful links below.

• Seatruck will not accept cargo into our terminals in Liverpool or Dublin unless we reasonably believe that the correct documentation had been submitted to the relevant authorities. 



Arrival Procedure at Heysham/Liverpool 

HMRC will issue customers with a status and whether the unit needs to proceed for inspection. The details for inspection locations will be issued in due course. For most units, out-gating will largely remain the same. 

Arrival Procedure at Dublin 

Irish Revenue will issue a status and whether the unit needs to proceed for inspection in Dublin Port. 


Seatruck encourages customers to ensure that bookings have been electronically created before units arrive for check-in. Please contact Robbie Niblock ([email protected]) for assistance in availing in these services.  


In both directions, the relevant authorities have confirmed that no declarations of any type will be required for units that are empty and carrying no cargo. New and used trade vehicles will however be subject to the full procedures.  


For driver accompanied goods travelling under Transit or ATA Carnet, drivers must report to the facility in Liverpool to get their documentation stamped. We await confirmation regarding Heysham. Unaccompanied trailers are currently not permitted to travel under the Transit scheme. 


The UK recently confirmed that goods will be able to travel from Ireland to Northern Ireland tariff free. Goods moving on from there over the Irish Sea from NI Port will still be subject to tariffs. HMRC have confirmed that if traders divert goods through Ireland and Northern Ireland with the main purpose of avoiding customs duty HMRC they will have the power to require them to pay the UK’s tariff – whether the goods are from Ireland or outside Ireland. HMRC will continue to enforce compliance on an intelligence-led basis to ensure trade is consistent with the requirements set out in legislation. 


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