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Covid-19 : Paperwork Accompanying Shipments

Seatruck Liverpool

Yesterday we announced how we are working to eliminate all paperwork transfer between drivers and staff and reduce minimum contact between all parties. It is vital we keep our supply chain moving and protect our vessels and staff from infection.

As we impose new ways of check-in using intercom systems behind closed glass we will in addition be stopping all forms of paperwork transfer between drivers and staff. This includes dangerous goods notes (DGN’s) and trade vehicle documentation. Signed copies of DGN’s must be emailed to your relevant office as early as possible and well before the trailer arrives on quay for shipment.

We strongly advise those customers not already using MySeatruck for online bookings and full track and trace to register now as office manning may be reduced at times. There are many benefits in using the online system. To apply, please follow registration link.

In addition, we must insist all trailers and trade vehicles are pre-booked and delivery drivers are given the relevant booking reference ready for check-in. These measures ensure minimum contact time with Seatruck staff and drivers. Any vehicle arriving on quay without a booking reference will only add unnecessary contact time between parties.

This is a very challenging time for everyone and we at Seatruck must look at all avenues to reduce contact. We are here to help and are working with the ports and stevedoring teams to ensure that we have enough people on the ground at all times.

We thank you for your continued cooperation.