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Greta Thunberg May Come After Open-Loop Scrubbers

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Given the growing concern that open loop scrubbers simply divert sulphur from the air to the sea, I wonder if there will be a complete ban in years to come? A growing number of ports & countries are now prohibiting their use. At Seatruck Ferries we will comply with the new 2020 regulations by burning low sulphur fuel.

See below from recent press;

‘Greta Thunberg may come after open-loop scrubbers’ warns Arntzen

Ship finance veteran Morten Arntzen says

'nobody puts open loop scrubbers on their ships to clean the environment'

With just 50 days until the IMO 2020 fuel rules come into force, an influential figure has issued a hard-hitting warning of the reputational risks for the industry by widespread use of so-called open loop exhaust gas scrubbers.

Morten Arntzen, a veteran ship financier and executive, said the issue risked provoking attacks by environmental campaigners from Greenpeace and Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, who has inspired millions to protest on green issues worldwide.

“I think there is going to be a huge PR risk with scrubbers,”

Arntzen told the TradeWinds International Shipping Forum in Bermuda on Monday.

“In some ways scrubbers could be for shipping what vaping is for smoking industry.”

He added:

“It won’t be long until Greenpeace and Greta Thunberg come after the open-loopers for that.”