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Larger vessels for Seatruck Ferries Warrenpoint FAQ’s

June 20, 2018


Which larger ships will Seatruck deploy on the Warrenpoint route?

The Seatruck owned ‘Seatruck Precision’ and ‘Seatruck Performance’ will be the new ships. The vessels were built in Germany in 2012. The vessels are proven Irish Sea ships that are currently on charter to another operator. They were originally designed for the Warrenpoint service.

How much larger are the vessels?

The FSG series vessels will provide space for an extra 30 units per sailing due to their innovative 4 deck design. In terms of length, they are the same length as the 2 x P series vessels which they will replace. Environmentally the vessels are quieter.

What will be the sailing schedule?

The new vessels will mirror the current schedule with a twice daily connection between Warrenpoint and Heysham.

Can the ships take high trailers?

The 8 Seatruck newbuild vessels were purposely designed for the Irish Sea market and can take all trailer heights on each deck with no risk of roof damage.

Will there be enough space in Warrenpoint to deal with the extra traffic?

Warrenpoint Port will provide additional land area to deal with the increased volume.

Can the new ferries also ship driver accompanied units?

All Seatruck vessels can carry up to 12 driver accompanied vehicles per crossing.

When will the new vessels start?

The new ships will commence towards the end August / early September, just in time for the busy period.

Can I speak with someone to discuss additional space requirements or to find out more about Seatruck?

Yes absolutely, please call a member of the Seatruck commercial team.

Damian McGrath
[email protected] +44 (0) 7740 561232

Kevin Gilland
[email protected] +44 (0) 7904 473343

What about online booking?

More and more customers are using the ‘MySeatruck’ online facility. Click to sign up; https://secure.seatruckferries.com/ApplicationForm.asp
Alternatively, if you would like to investigate a direct & secure communications link, then please contact Seatruck ‘IT Guru’ Robbie Niblock [email protected]

I normally use Cairnryan and go accompanied, what are the advantages of using the Seatruck Warrenpoint – Heysham unaccompanied service?

Most operators who have switched, found that it reduces road mileage and maximises the efficiency of their drivers, who are now in short supply. Seatruck is 100% dedicated to freight without the distraction of passenger movements and have experienced staff located in each port to deal with your enquiries. We are lovely people too!

Will there ever be a direct link from the Belfast Dublin road to Warrenpoint bypassing Newry?

We believe that the Newry Southern Relief Road will be built and we are working closely with the relevant authorities to ensure that this happens asap.

What other routes do Seatruck operate?

Seatruck also operate freight ferry services from Dublin to Liverpool and from Dublin to Heysham. Seatruck now move around 20% of all Irish Sea freight.

How much are Irish Sea unaccompanied trailer volumes growing?

In 2017 unaccompanied trailer volumes across all Irish Sea route grew by 6% compared with a just a 1% growth in driver accompanied volumes.

I work for the press and I have some other questions and also want some pictures to illustrate my article, who do I contact?

Seatruck CEO Alistair Eagles would be happy to help. [email protected] +44 7740 561238