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The Seatruck Progress arriving at Dublin Port by Gabriel Sorlea

The Seatruck Guide to Dublin Port

December 21, 2022

Photo credit: The Seatruck Progress arriving at Dublin Port by Gabriel Sorlea

Of the 1.24 million freight shipments across the Irish Sea in the first 9 months of 2022, 44.5% entered into Dublin Port.

Seeing about ⅔ of all its freight traffic, Dublin Port is the largest port on the Irish Sea and is the Republic of Ireland’s busiest port. 

Here’s why. 

World-class facilities

As one of the most vital ports in Great Britain, Dublin Port has a wide range of world-class facilities for freight drivers and unaccompanied loads. 

From their fully-trained expert team,  to their full range of depot services , the port has the resources to offer additional support to almost every business transporting goods via Dublin, including those that regularly transport abnormal loads. For example, the port can offer refrigerated equipment, pre-trip inspection and electricity plug-ins for businesses transporting refrigerated goods.  

Promoting sustainability

Not only does Dublin Port house a number of world-leading facilities, the port also maintains a strong dedication to championing environmental causes and actively ensuring that all projects are carried out as sustainably as possible. 

And they have maintained this commitment for more than 15 years, with the Dublin Port Company’s Environmental Management System (EMS) being first launched in 2006. 

“It is our policy to manage our obligations to the environment in a responsible manner and to take a sustainable approach to developing the port’s business.”

-Official Dublin Port Company Statement. 

Why choose Seatruck?

As we approach the end of 2022, we are pleased to confirm that our strong commitment to providing businesses on both sides of the Irish Sea with the best Dublin Port service will continue into the New Year.

We recently announced that, in partnership with our parent company CLdN, we will be strengthening our Dublin to Liverpool service by launching an additional vessel, the Seatruck Pennant, on this route. 

As Florent Maes, CLdN CEO, commented:

“The recent acquisition of Seatruck Ferries allowed us to make use of the synergies of both networks and we can now double frequency from the Iberian Peninsula to both Ireland and the UK by dividing the triangle service into two separate services.

Since the Seatruck terminal in Dublin will be adjacent to CLdN’s as from late January 2023, we can make use of this unique position, which will be seamlessly connecting Dublin to and from Liverpool. Increased frequency will result in a big advantage for our customers, it will result in quicker turnaround times of their assets, and they will be able to deliver cargo more flexibly throughout the week.

We are continuously looking for ways to improve the service to our customers and are excited about the future potential that we now have with our Irish services, since the acquisition of Seatruck Ferries.”

To seamlessly transport your goods unaccompanied from Dublin Port & across the Irish Sea, get in touch with us today.

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