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Seatruck Precision vessel arriving at Warrenpoint Port

The Seatruck Guide to Warrenpoint Port 

November 23, 2022

(Photo above shows the Seatruck Precision arriving at Warrenpoint Port last month.)

Every year, thousands of businesses transport their goods across the Irish Sea via Warrenpoint Port.

Here’s why:

  1. More than ‘just’ a port

Businesses looking to transport goods unaccompanied between Northern Ireland and North-Western England can take advantage of the convenient storage facilities, mobile cranes and much more at Warrenpoint port. From there, transport is easy on the Warrenpoint ⇄ Heysham route. 

(Fun fact - this also happens to be the route that our first ship sailed on her maiden voyage.)

  1. It’s only getting bigger

While the last 12 months may have come with a great deal of challenges across our industry, Warrenpoint Port remains a cornerstone of growing infrastructure, with overall tonnage through the port increasing by a significant 12% In 2022.

The first Port of Warrenpoint was opened in the late 1770's and served as a lightering port for the then-Port of Newry. 

But the port as we know it today wasn't opened until 1974. Upon completion, Warrenpoint Port covered around 28 acres. Today, it has expanded to almost double that size and stands at roughly 53 acres.

As an essential entrypoint to both Northern Ireland and the UK, Warrenpoint Port remains an essential port for British industry, nearly 50 years after it was first opened. 

  1. Great for ferry spotters!

When you’re as passionate about ferries as we are, you’ll enjoy a ferry pic or two. And you would be hard-pressed to find a more photogenic port than Warrenpoint. 

Just look at the photo of our ferry at the top of this page! (Thank you, Jason Ruddy.)

Why choose Seatruck?

We've covered why Warrenpoint Port is a vital port for trade across the Irish Sea, but why should you ship your goods with us? 

Commenting on our recent acquisition by CLdN, David Holmes, Warrenpoint Port CEO, said:

"...Seatruck has been operational at Warrenpoint Port for 20 years’, providing a vital service for Irish Sea traffic. In more recent years, with increasing costs, the unaccompanied trailer model, has become particularly attractive for haulage companies and logistics providers. We look forward to continuing to drive growth and to building on the strong foundations of our relationship with Seatruck, under their new ownership."

To seamlessly transport your goods unaccompanied from Warrenpoint & across the Irish Sea, get in touch with us today.