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The Seatruck Performance departing from Warrenpoint for Heysham on a frosty morning in March

Transporting Goods Between Heysham, England and Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland

April 14, 2023

As a trusted ferry operator specialising in unaccompanied Irish Sea freight, we know that when it comes to transporting your goods across the Irish Sea, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

But for businesses transporting goods between Northern England and Northern Ireland, this route is difficult to beat. 

Whether you’re transporting unaccompanied trailers or driver-accompanied freight vehicles, the Heysham ⇄ Warrenpoint route could be the perfect solution for your business. 

Here’s what you need to know.

Heysham Port

Did you know that up to 71% of all goods transported by Irish Sea ferries travel unaccompanied?

A significant amount of this cargo will pass through Heysham Port, which has become a "first port of call for the Irish Sea" because of its top-notch facilities.

Whether you need dependable warehousing and storage, access to multimodal road and rail connections, or RoRo shipping, Heysham Port can offer end-to-end solutions for your goods.

But it isn’t just Heysham Port’s features that make it special.

The Lancashire port is ideally situated to act as a crucial hub with direct connections to both England and Northern Ireland. Thanks to its ideal position and main road connections, Heysham is able to handle goods from across the UK.

Find out more about Heysham Port’s world-class facilities here. 

Warrenpoint Port

Warrenpoint Port, the second-largest port in Northern Ireland (and arguably the most picturesque port on the Irish Sea) is a crucial port for British business.

As a key gateway to both Northern Ireland and the UK, Warrenpoint Port offers easy storage options, mobile cranes, and much more for companies wishing to ship goods unaccompanied between Northern Ireland and North-Western England.

From there, travelling on the Warrenpoint–Heysham route is simple. 

(Fun fact: This is also the route taken by our first ship on her maiden journey.)

To learn more about Warrenpoint Port, see our port guide here.

Why choose Seatruck?

Only one of the ferry operators that sail between Heysham and Warrenpoint port allows you to:

- Access your account information in just one click

- In a single dashboard

- While also creating your PBN and GMR in a single-window

All from your handheld device with our MySeatruck app (available for Android or iOS). 

Seamlessly transport your unaccompanied containers between Heysham Port and Warrenpoint Port with us by getting in touch with us today.