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Seatruck Ship Passing the Essmore River

The Ultimate Guide to Unaccompanied Trailers

June 28, 2022

For many businesses, unaccompanied freight can be a complete game-changer. But is it right for your business?

Let’s find out. 

What are unaccompanied trailers?

Unaccompanied trailers are trailers which can be transported via freight ferries without the driver and cab travelling alongside them. 

Instead, the trailer is left at the quay side at the port by the driver, and is then pulled onto and off of the ship. 

Unaccompanied trailers have many benefits.

What are the benefits of unaccompanied freight?

  1. 1. Time. By using off-peak sailing times, you can save yourself time (and money) by avoiding costs and potential delays associated with peak-time travel. 
  2. 2. Money. When drivers drop off the unaccompanied trailer, they are then free to complete more jobs, saving you money and limiting the number of additional drivers that your business needs. Meanwhile, when you choose to use unaccompanied trailers, you can significantly cut down on wages for your drivers by not transporting them with your trailer, saving you further expenses.

Not only do unaccompanied trailers make your life easier, but with our MySeatruck web-based portal and app, you can even control how your unaccompanied trailers are released to collecting drivers through our secure electronic release control feature.

For more information about MySeatruck, check out our 5 Things You NEED to Know About MySeatruck guide.

How can Seatruck Ferries help?

Did you know that as much as 71% of the total Irish Sea ferry freight now travels unaccompanied? 

Unaccompanied trailers can empower businesses to streamline their operations. 

And it just so happens that there is an Irish Sea ferry operator dedicated to helping you do just that. In fact, as a freight-only ferry operator, our core business is the shipment of unaccompanied trailers, and each year we can move up to 350,000 of them, ranging from refrigerated and hazardous units to tanks, tippers and flats.

(You could say it's what we do best, but we’re also pretty good at ferry spotting.)

To find out how we can help you easily & seamlessly transport your business’ goods across the Irish Sea, get in touch with one of our unaccompanied trailer experts today.