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Traffic Types

Unaccompanied Trailers

As a freight only ferry company, Seatruck’s core business is the shipment of unaccompanied trailers. We move up to 350,000 trailers a year ranging from tippers, tanks, flats, refrigerated and hazardous units.

Driver Accompanied

Seatruck offers 12 driver accompanied spaces per sailing, all passengers receive an evening meal and breakfast.


Seatruck move over 25,000 mobiles a year. Trade cars, vans, caravans and rubber wheeled machinery are few examples of mobiles that are regularly transported on our freight service.

Abnormal Loads

Purpose built freight vessels allow Seatruck customers greater flexibility in the planning and movement of abnormal loads. We regularly ship wide, heavy, high and long loads. Please contact your local port for further information.

Hazardous Cargo

Unlike passenger services, Seatruck can accommodate a wide range of hazardous cargo. Our trained personnel are available to advise on the specific requirements of the IMDG code.


Unfortunately, we cannot accept livestock shipments.