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MySeatruck logoAt Seatruck we want to make your life as easy as possible and the new functionality in our online booking portal ‘MySeatruck’ does just that.

Entirely within ‘MySeatruck’ you can now create your PBN’s and GMR’s without needing to access the Government websites. Customers testing this new service have already described it as a ‘game changer’.

This new addition is live right now and will save significant time and reduce errors. It will be a huge advantage from 1 Jan 2022 when both a GMR and PBN are required for UK-Ireland movements in both directions. Both references can be created on a single screen without the need to enter significant information as most of the data needed is taken from your online booking. You just need to add the MRN’s for your loads and instantaneously your GMR’s and PBN’s are generated and verified at the push of a button. The functionality also works for GB-NI loads.

We have attached a basic guide on how the system works and we'd encourage you to try it out and start benefitting straight away. Equally, if you wish to continue generating your own GMR’s and PBN’s then the functionality to add them manually still exists. We want to give you maximum flexibility to streamline your customs activity. This new functionality is provided entirely free to all Seatruck Ferries customers.

The Seatruck exit customs screen in Dublin has also proved to be a huge hit, with collecting drivers now getting a final reminder of their customs routing status as they exit the Seatruck Ferries terminal. 

If you have any questions about any of these new features, please email [email protected] or call our support line on +44 (0) 28 9592 6327.


What's all the fuss about? - MySeatruck customs FAQ's

My email on Monday announcing the new game-changing customs functionality in MySeatruck has had a hugely positive response. Already many customers have switched over to using it and has become their standard method to generate GMR’s and PBN’s. It is instantly saving customers time and reducing errors, even before the changes on 1 Jan when the true benefits will take off.

The high level of interest in this new feature has generated lots of questions, so to help we have rounded them all up in the FAQ’s that are shown below;

What is MySeatruck?

MySeatruck is the Seatruck Ferries online booking portal that can be used to make and amend bookings, track and trace units, review statistics, manage users and see up-to-date sailing schedules and news about the Seatruck services. We believe that it already is the most user-friendly, informative, and easy-to-use online booking system on the Irish Sea. It can be viewed on PCs & iMacs, tablets, and phones, using all current operating systems. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your business with Seatruck.

I am not yet using MySeatruck, how do start?

Just visit https://myseatruck.com/ and click Register Now, your new account will be set up within minutes!

What are these new customs features that Seatruck can offer? 

PBN’s and GMR’s are the reference numbers you need to gain from HMRC and Irish Revenue that must be added to your booking and verified before you can check in. Previously you had to directly access the HMRC and Irish Revenue systems to get these reference numbers then add them to your booking. The new functions allow you to do this entirely within MySeatruck. You can make your bookings, get the relevant customs reference numbers, automatically add and validate them all without leaving MySeatruck. We have made the link from our systems to HMRC and Irish Revenue so you no longer have to.   

That sounds great when does it start?

The new customs functionality is live on MySeatruck now. It has been extensively tested and yes before you ask…it works just fine!

I am shipping in and out of Dublin but the GMR section of the screen is greyed out, why is this?

Currently only PBN’s from the Irish Revenue are required for shipping in and out of Dublin so the GMR section is not required right now. However, from 1 Jan 2022 GMR’s will be required for all loads in and out of Dublin in addition to the PBN’s. This is where the new system will provide you with huge advantages as it interfaces with both HMRC and Irish Revenue meaning that you can get both reference numbers from within our system without any need to duplicate data. We do all that hard work for you.

Can it create GMR’s for loads moving from GB to NI on the Heysham – Warrenpoint route?

Yes absolutely, it works for all Seatruck routes.

Will I be forced to use the new system to get my GMR’s and PBN’s?

No, you can still gain these separately and add them to your bookings manually, that’s if you prefer lots of hard work!

Is it secure?

Yes. For the HMRC site, the first time you attempt to create a GMR, you will need to enter your Government Gateway credentials. This is only required once and covers all users within your company. Seatruck will never store your Government Gateway username and password – we just fetch a token from HMRC and that allows MySeatruck to communicate with your GVMS login.

Does MySeatruck allow me to make customs declarations and safety and security declarations?

No, at the moment you will need to continue to make these separately or get them from your customer.

MySeatruck is fab, but can I still speak to a real live person?

Absolutely, just call the local office in Liverpool, Dublin, Heysham or Warrenpoint. We have real live people there 24/7 who can help with any queries you may have. Call centres are really not our thing.

What does this new functionality cost to use? There is no such thing as a free lunch?

Nothing, it is completely free to all Seatruck customers. Just get on MySeatruck and crack on. It will undoubtedly save you and your staff huge amounts of time, this may allow for longer lunches but I’m afraid you will still have to pay for them!

What if I try it and don’t like it, or some people in my company like it and some don’t?

The choice is entirely yours. You can use it as and when required. If some users prefer it they can use it. If some don’t they can continue to manually raise the PBN’s and GMR’s. It is fully flexible to use as and when required at no cost. However, so far the majority of users have 100% switched to it within 24hrs of use!

Will you be introducing any more new features in the coming weeks?

Yes, there are lots in the development pipeline, watch this space!

Will the changes in January mean that more traffic is sourced directly from Europe?

Despite the increased trade directly with the EU, still a massive 82% of ferry traffic comes from GB Ports. Brexit has changed many things but it hasn’t changed the geography. If anything there has been a slight drop in interest in the direct services and smaller vessels are now being operated on some of the routes. The new procedures will quickly be adopted and by streamlining customs procedures using MySeatruck you can significantly reduce your workload.